I started doing yoga and meditation in 1991 and spent several years in Asia practicing intensively during the 90's, which is where I got the nickname Saam (the name I still usually use for yoga). I have practiced a wide range of hatha yoga styles and meditation techniques, primarily Zen and Vipassanna. I spent extensive periods on retreat in Buddhist monasteries, retreat centres and ashrams in Thailand, Malaysia, India, Australia, England and California. I began teaching yoga and meditation in 1995, and have since taught classes in Thailand, India, Indonesia, Guatemala, Brisbane, France and Perth, including at the universities of Queensland and Western Australia. My dynamic yoga classes incorporate yoga and meditation techniques from the various traditions I studied. I am particularly interested in the links between mindfulness meditation and hatha yoga. Currently I teach vinyasa classes at The Yoga Space in West Perth and lunchtime classes at the university. I have been a Senior Member of Yoga Australia since 2003.